Reporting an incident to the police

If you want to report to the Police, you can do so by calling 101 or 999 if it is an emergency. The Police will send officers out to you to obtain an initial account, and then specialist officers will be allocated the case to deal with. If the case is within forensic timescales (up to 7 days, depending on what happened during the incident), you will be offered the option of having a forensic medical examination. This is when a specially trained nurse will carry out a top to toe examination, and gather any forensic samples which may help the police with their investigation. The nurse can also provide the morning after pill, PEPSE (Anti-HIV Medication)HEP B injection and arrange for a referral to the GUM clinic for testing and follow-up care.

Following the medical examination, the specially trained officers will offer you the option of carrying out a video recorded interview. This will become your evidence in chief, and may be played in court later, if the case goes to court.
The police will then carry out a full investigation, which may mean they need to speak with other people who might have information which is useful.