There is lots of support out there but it is know what is out there for anyone who has been sexually assaulted. It can be a traumatic time for this someone who is dealing with the aftermath of what has happened to them. Sexual Assault Referral Centres are accessible nationally, specifically in Leicestershire we have Juniper lodge where we have Forensic Medical Nurses, Independent Sexual Violence Advisers and Crisis workers.

If you are worried about a friend or want some advice about options available to them, call Juniper lodge or local Sexual Violence Support services. A Victim of rape or sexual assault does not always have to report to the police straight away if they are not ready however there is an option to access Forensic services where a Medical examination would be undertaken to obtain forensics if you were looking to report in the future but were not ready to. The police would not be involved and you would have access to further support services if you wished to access them. There are also counselling services available.

Following a rape or sexual assault, it may seem easier to forget about everything rather than deal with the situation. There is lots of support to assist you with planning the right support for a survivor. Due to the trauma that a victim has experienced, people can experience phases of the Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, commonly known as PTSD. Often some people can call this the Rape Trauma Syndrome.

For some people reporting the abuse can cause further turmoil as sometimes its scary to think about what the reporting process may include. If you contact Juniper lodge it can be discussed what options are available. If survivors do decide not to take any action, they can in the future still access support or report what happened to them whenever they are ready.

If drug and alcohol services are required, Juniper lodge can sign post you to other services. If support is required in regards to domestic abuse a survivor can be referred to local services that can be accessed directly by telephone or a referral can be made. Domestic Violence services, also include Outreach services, refuge services and group programmes for survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. It is important to remember regardless of your gender, age, background or situation, you can access advice and support from Juniper lodge.

If Juniper lodge isn’t the right service for you, you will always be assisted to find the right support. You are not alone.

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